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    Title: friends

    sometimes i just wonder what i have done in the past to deserve such “friends”

    1) they just do the things without thinking how i feel or never even ask my opinion

    2) making purchases already after that then consult me? thinking as if they are earning the money and not me

    3) just planning things which goes smoothly for them but not for me.

    4) just plain selfish

    sighhhh, sometimes i just wonder what should i do or what i have done to have such friends..

    friends are not forever but just for yourself to kill your time to hang out with them,

    - ♦peggyandcraps♦™ -
    - anonymous -

    Title: leave

    i not sure many people are choosing to leave. is it because of the

    1) work load

    2) they are tired

    3) the management

    4) procedure

    well. just F*** this shit and do your best.:)

    - ♦peggyandcraps♦™ -
    - anonymous -

    Title: catplemp

    yes, we know that you are smart as your result was “Flash” on the presentation.

    Yes, we know that you are very good in speaking and also you study alot.

    BUT, that doesn’t mean you can be a bit** around and slacking around.

    If you choose to work then jolly well go and work. Even though there is nothing but there is things assigned to you, please proceed to do it.

    Being friends is friends, when working means work. Please know when to work and when to play since you have been studying alot.

    Stop acting like a child and think everything is correct. Seems like studying so much and name getting flash on the slide doesn’t make your thinking turn mature.

    god bless

    - ♦peggyandcraps♦™ -
    - anonymous -

    Title: CL

    I not sure whether is it me or what that i think that this time when you are back for the second time you have behave like a B****. no offense.

    I feel like the way you behave is like you are some kind of “boss daughter”, nobody ask you to come back and that is your decision which no one has force you.

    Stop whining like some pamper child, ops i mean you already are.

    Life is like this. when you are in the real world working, there sure be ups and down. if there is nothing good about this place, then in the first place you shouldn’t come back.

    behaving like a spoiled kid is a nice phrase which i would say to you. I think you changed and behave like some B**** instead.

    i don’t care about the stuff which you never give me because i don’t even want it. Because i don’t like to bootlick you to get such stupid farewell cheapo chocolate from you..

    so long. suckers! hope you find a better job and a career next time..

    - ♦peggyandcraps♦™ -
    - anonymous -

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